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segunda-feira, 7 de junho de 2010

Porto Alegre –TI

Educational Qualification:Honours degree related to IT or Management. Fluent in English (+ spanish).

Strong service management skills(ITIL);

ITIL V3 or ISO 20000 certification;

Evaluates team capacity, defines sourcing strategy and sources;

Guarantees that the different support teams are aligned in terms of technical capacity and knowledge of the support procedures;

Coordinates the different executing teams promoting the same kind of rules, the same team spirit;

Coaches the team members and promotes a positive constructive attitude;

Evaluates and acts on the results of the quality controls executed by the service controllers;

Defines the service execution workflow and the procedures for registering calls, registering and tracking incidents, providing feedback to customers and closing incidents;

Provides a support tool to manage the workflow and controls its utilization;

Controls exceptional situations where lack of service quality, lack of resources or unplanned situations happen;

Decides exceptional call distribution to different teams when time required for execution is not as expected and follows-up;

Strong technological knowledge; Strong Knowledge on retail business -at least in one area;

Maturity level on costumer relationship management; Focus on internal links and team promotion;

Knowledge on ADSM trends;.


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